What’s the different types of protein powders – the best type for you


Protein powders are very popular and for good reason, they provide a very convenient way of getting a sufficient amount of protein, which is essential for nearly every health and physic goal.

There are numerous types of protein powder with a wide variety of sources. This can make it very frustrating to decide what type is best for you.

Below I’ll firstly list and give an explanation for the three common forms and then share what I believe to be the best three types of protein powder. I have chosen three complete proteins powders, containing all nine essential amino acids.

I have chosen one dairy based, one animal based and one plant based to cover most people’s needs. I’ll also list some pros and cons for each. My aim is to simplify the answer to the question “what’s the different types of protein”. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand and help you decide what protein powder is best for you.

The Common Forms

Protein Concentrates:

protein from whole foods, typically supplying 60-80% protein, the remaining 20-40% fat and carbohydrates.

Protein isolates:

A further filtering process removes a higher percentage of fat and carbohydrates, this form of protein contains 90-95% protein. This form of protein can sometimes be so pure that it can almost be fat and carbohydrate free.

Protein Hydrolysate:

a protein that has been partially digested or “hydrolyzed.” Done by further heating with acid or enzymes. This allows your body to absorb it quickly. .

Whey Protein


Whey protein is made from milk, it is extracted during the cheese making process. It’s high in protein and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), this is the amino acids that play the most important roles in muscle growth and recovery. Whey contains the highest amounts of leucine, this is the BCAA that has the most important role for muscle health. Whey protein is known as complete protein as it contains a 9 essential amino acids.

Whey also contains lactose, this can sometimes be difficult to digest. The Whey Concentrate form contains a higher percentage of lactose than the Whey Isolate form. The lactose is lost during the extra filtering process when making Protein Isolate. This makes it a purer protein and easier to digest.


  • A complete protein (contain all 9 essential amino acids)
  • High in BCAAs (important for muscle growth and recovery)
  • Highly Very easily absorbed (effective for getting the nutrients Into the body quickly)
  • Reduces hunger (more satisfying than over proteins) (can aid in weight loss)
  • Taste (comes in a verity of flavours)


  • Can be difficult to digest (contains lactose some people struggle to digest, Isolate form contains less lactose)
  • Highly possessed
  • Cost (it can be more costly than alternative proteins)

This type of protein would be ideal for someone who needs a convenient way of getting a sufficient intake of high quality, complete protein. This could be someone who Needs to gain muscle, maintain lean muscle, help muscle recovery or Someone trying to lose weight. All of these require a sufficient protein intake. I would recommend using Isolate form, due to it being a purer protein and can be easier to digest.

Egg protein


Egg protein powders are usually made from egg whites. They are a high quality protein source containing all 9 essential amino acids, this makes them a complete protein. Second to Whey for containing the highest amount of
leucine, this is the branch chain amino acid (BCAA) that has the most important role for muscle health.
Egg protein is a whole food source that can be very easily digested, although it may not keep you feeling as full as other protein powders.


  • A complete protein (contains all 9 essential amino acids)
  • Easily digested (eggs protein has the best quality to digestibility ratio of all whole foods)
  • Contains very minimal amounts of fat and carbohydrates
  • lactose-free


  • can be less filling than other protein powders (this might be a pro for some people)
  • Doesn’t come in as wide range of flavours as other types of protein powder

Conclusion: This type of protein would be ideal for someone who is looking for a lactose free protein powder or Someone who just struggles to digest whey protein and is looking for an alternative without compromising on quality. I personally have used this type of protein powder and think it is an excellent alternative to whey. It’s Also a very good choice of protein even if you don’t have any problems with digesting other types, some people would even say they feel it’s actually the better choice and I can understand why.

Soy protein Isolate

This is a plant based, complete protein. Unlike other plant based proteins, soy contains all 9 essential amino acids. This includes branch chain amino acids, as I mentioned with whey and egg protein, these amino acids play the most important role of muscle gain and recovery. Soy may have the benefit of reducing cholesterol and possibly reducing the risk of cancer but more research is required.

Some research has found that soy based-high protein diets are just as effective for weight loss as animal based-high protein diets. Other research has found that soy based meal replacement shakes may be more effective than other weight loss diet Shakes. My fiancé has used a soy based meal replacement shake, she has found it very effective and has had amazing weight loss results, This will be covered in more detail in separate post that will be uploaded soon. I’ll post the link below once it has been uploaded.


Soy protein Isolate is one that I incorporate into my daily diet and I personally have very positive benefits, with absolutely no negatives. I use this alongside other protein sources, combining dairy and soy proteins. I have found that This has been more efficient for muscle recovery than just using whey or other proteins alone.


  • Appetite control and weight loss
  • Muscle recovery and muscle gain
  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids
  • Good for vegans and vegetarians
  • May reduce cholesterol
  • May reduce risk of cancer


  • Not as studied as other types of proteins, like whey
  • The high fiber content in some soy product can take some people’s digestive system a bit of getting used to

Conclusion: This type of protein powder is a great choice for vegans or vegetarians looking for a plant based, complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. It can be an excellent choice for people wanting to lose weight and it can be helpful for muscle recovery and muscle gain. As I mentioned previously this can also be very effective when combined with other sources of protein.


The best Type For You


In my opinion;
For people with no digestive issues: Whey protein Isolate.
For people who would prefer an animal based protein and/or have digestive issues with other types of protein: Egg protein.
For people who are vegan or vegetarian, someone who would just prefer a plant based protein or someone who wants to combine this with other proteins like whey: Soy protein Isolate.

If you ever need a hand or have Any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,







  1. Excellent post Billy,

    I used to do Thai Boxing a good while ago and I used to always use Whey protein shakes and nothing else. Only because everyone else was doing the same really, I didn’t realise then about all the different types and the pros and cons to them.

    I am definitely going to come back to your site for further advice on health and fitness.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom. If you ever need help with anything related to health and fitness that you can’t see on my site, just ask and I’ll be happy to help in anyway i can.



  2. Hi Billy. thanks for doing the research and providing this information. I was very lactose intolerant when I was younger and although I do not have major problems now, I think that I should stay away from the whey protein powder. I believe that most of the soy now grown in the US is from GMO stock so that puts me off the soy alternatives unless they are proven to be GMO-free. That leaves me with the egg powder option. I wish they would come up with more flavors. I sure in time that they will.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. Yes that can be one of the cons of soy, I understand In the United States, genetically modified crops have become very widespread, this makes it difficult to find one that is GMO-free.
      With regards to egg protein powders, they do lack the wide selection of flavours that whey has available. When I use egg protein powders I mix it with my home made shakes, like bananas and blueberries. So I still get a nice tasting shake but with the added protein.

      All the best

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